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Margate Home

Finalist, 2018 HIA Awards

Custom Built Home up to $500,000

The construction of this project came about through very clear direction from the client who collaborated with architect Ken Beheim-Schwartzbach at Jaws Architects closely. Together they refined a design that merged standard but tested building design/methods with splashes of distinct but effective architectural elements to create a sophisticated and affordable build.

The constant communication between client and builder around method and outcome meant the client understood how the builder could be more efficient in producing a highly refined outcome without spending lots of time and materials on unnecessary elements of the build process.

The project was completed a month ahead of schedule to meet the client’s needs as they had a new addition to their family on its way. This was achieved with Merlin Constructions undertaking elements of the build which ordinarily might incur lengthy delays due to subcontractor commitments. This included honing, sealing and polishing of the burnished concrete slab, pre-oiling of decking boards and low-level scaffolding.

A new family home, delivered ahead of schedule, meant a very satisfied client. The use of natural timber products and large sections of glass in the living areas gave the house an open, warm feeling. A sense of authenticity permeates the entirety of this Margate home.


External Cladding: Hardies Easylap (Black)
Roof lining and cladding: Colorbond Trim-dek
Colour: Colorbond night-sky
Linings: Square-set windows, doors and ceilings

Special features

Decking and eaves: Cypress pine decking boards
Floor finishes: Burnished concrete slab
Internal feature lining: Hoop-ply with express joints
External Cladding: ‘Barestone’ feature panel

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