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Bruny Cabin: Winner 2017 HIA-CSR Custom Built Home up to $350,000

The design and construction of this project was a collaborative effort between Maguire Architects and Merlin Constructions. We were initially approached by the architects with a concept plan and were asked to assess the feasibility of constructing the cabin at our workshop and then transporting it to Bruny Island. Transportation was found to be impossible due to the cabin’s height and width, and the architects were not willing to compromise on the design. Several options were canvassed before the current design was settled and built on-site.

Merlin Constructions provided advice throughout the design and documentation process, offering assistance with the practicality of construction, cost analysis and material selections. Significant hurdles that needed to be overcome during construction were a strict budget, a bushfire attack level subject to construction requirements, a Swift Parrot habitat requiring special consideration, and the absence of mains power. In addition the remote location was only accessible by a four-wheel-drive track. Merlin Constructions were very satisfied with the result and thrilled to receive the 2017 award in its category.


2017 Winner, Custom Built Home up to $350,000, HIA-CSR Tasmanian Housing and Kitchen & Bathroom Awards.


Architect: Maguire Architects
Photography: Rob Maver

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